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Pill Identification Wizard

Drug ID offer you the unique service of pill and drug identification with a simple and easy to use pill identification wizard system on our website.

Having the correct information on a pill or capsule can save many lives and also provide useful information on what the drug’s use is and the treatment or condition, ailment or illness it should be used for.

One can read just a few testimonials of satisfied users that have successfully used our pill identification wizard that has given the correct results for the drugs they were not certain of. This even includes a testimonial from a veterinarian which lets you know we offer a very comprehensive pill identification process for thousands of available pills and capsules manufactured in the U.S.

Our pill identification wizard works by using information provided by the user and the answers given to selected questions regarding the drug. These inputs allow positive identification for the vast majority of drugs, capsules and pills on the U.S market today.

Drug id also understands that new drugs are being introduced almost daily as well as many generic alternatives entering the market. With these factors in mind our pill identification wizard is subject to very regular updates to stay abreast of new products.

Keeping prescription drugs unmarked can be dangerous as well as medicines that one should discard if you cannot see the expiry date on the bottle. Many people go on vacations and store all their capsules and pills in one bottle and then may be confused as to what drug treats what as they cannot remember. Drug Id pill identification wizard is easily accessible and allows for quick identification after you have input data such as size, shape, color and logo of the pill and you can access our website from any destination in the world you are at the time visiting.

Besides correct identification of drugs one can also stay informed of the capsule or pills benefits that can be treated by the drug and also for identification of pills that you may find in your teenager’s bedroom that you are not sure of. Are they birth control pills, drugs, illegal substances? The pill identification wizard can provide the answers.

One should take special care to use drugs and pills for the purpose that they are originally prescribed for. Many people do not complete antibiotics courses as they discontinue the use soon after feeling better which is a bad decision to make. These pills are often left in a medicine cabinet in a faded bottle and can become dangerous. One should always follow the doctor’s instructions when taking drugs and only keep general pain killers and common treatment drugs.

We offer you a comprehensive pill identification wizard that will give you peace of mind, when you need it wherever you need it and whether you are a doctor, hospital, health care institution, clinic or individual you can rest assured that being a member with drug ID is a way of keeping informed about all medication available in the U.S today.

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