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Pill Identifications Made Both Definitive and Easy.

DrugID.Info makes capsule, tablet or pill identification simple and definitive for professionals and the public alike. Previously, attempts to identify tablets, capsules or pills by doctors, pharmacists, patients, law enforcement officers, teachers, nurses, concerned parents or senior citizens, all with a need to know, were difficult and often not definitive.

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Why is DrugID.Info the best pill identification resource on or off the web?

DrugID.Info successfully completes more than 99% of tablet/capsules identifications.
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DrugID.Info has a simple to use interface that can be used by professionals or beginners alike.
DrugID.Info provides a pharmacist to help with pills the user cannot find using the system.
DrugID.Info gives legal status in case a concerned parent finds a pill in a child's pocket.
DrugID.Info provides professional identification from a database of 23,000+ pills in seconds.

There are basically two types of pill identification resources available, professional databases and free resources. Professional databases are the type used by your doctor or pharmacist. All professional resources cost money to obtain or use and DrugID.Info is a professional database. Free resources are almost never used by professionals because they are incomplete, hard to use and often do not give satisfactory results.

You only need to think why professionals do not use free Internet resources to realize why you may not want to use them either. The only problem is that most professional databases do not allow non-professionals to use them and they charge a hefty subscription fee.

Look at the Tablet, Capsule or Pill Imprint Carefully.

Abbott Drug ID NS Abbott Drug ID SN
Proper Orientation Upside Down

Pill identification depends first and foremost upon your reading the markings (technically know as the imprint) correctly and finding them in our database. When the pill in the example above is turned upside down, the user may see the logo reversed as seen in the example above.

Take your time! You are only a few clicks away from the correct ID for your over the counter drug or prescription medicine.

To make a definitive drug identification, we will lead you through a series of specific steps or mouse clicks. Our drug imprint codes are categorized into their logo, alpha and numeric parts. Always start by selecting any logo first, and then follow the flow through the site. If you do not find a particular string of numeric or alpha characters in the numeric or alpha look-up fields, continue on to the remainder look-up where they also might be. By selecting any logo first and checking each imprint feature against each of the successive screens, the site will guide you to a definitive drug identification.

Other drug references cannot make a drug ID involving any graphic logo markings, because they exclude the logos from their database searches. By using all the information in a tablet, capsule or pill imprint, including the graphic logo, searching our website leads to a positive drug ID.

Fast and Definitive Drug Identifications are an Important Innovation.

Many injuries and deaths occur each year due to medication errors, some of which may have been prevented by having the capability to identify an unknown medicine. Other resources are often incomplete, provide lists with choices from which to make the tablet ID and leave the user in doubt. Mistakes can easily be made. Only DrugID.Info makes a fast, positive identification every time.

Definitive Pill ID's Help Teachers and Law Enforcement Officers.

School teachers, nurses and administrators are often presented with a "found" pill or medication that a student may need to take. The capability to make a positive identification in a matter of seconds at DrugID.Info verifies what tablets and capsules are, with a complete physical description, what they are commonly used for, prescription and legal status.

Law enforcement officers can have a definitive pill identification in a few mouse clicks instead of spending valuable time leafing through books or trying to select a drug from the results of a "fuzzy" search routine. Our resultant screen displays all components of an imprint - alphabetical, numerical and, most importantly, graphic logos, as well as color, shape and scoring. The common uses of a pill, prescription and legal schedule number alerts the officer to drugs that are easily abused and should be in prescription container.

The Database Includes Prescription Drugs, Controlled Substances, Over the Counter Drugs, Homeopathic Remedies and Veterinary Drugs.

Our database consists of products intended for use in the United States of America. It has records for prescription drugs, over the counter medicines (OTC drugs), controlled substances, homeopathic and veterinary products. The records in our database increase weekly.

Our Pharmacists Will Respond to You When Your Pill Is Not Found in Our Database.

If we cannot identify your pill, fill out the "not found" form with a complete description of your pill and our pharmacist will often identify your drug within 24 hours.

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